Aigialia, earth, land of the sea. Aigialia, a name shrouded in mystery, vastly ancient, lost in the haze of time.

Aigialia - Rooms on the Lapping Waves - View
Aigialia consists of 9 sea-sprayed rooms in the embrace of Pollonia, Milos, on the peninsula of Pelekouda, where the sea divides Milos from Kimolos, where the sunrise paints the sea silvery blue and the sunset tints it red and mauve. This magical spot is where the welcoming, brand new Aigialia, untouched and facing the immense blue sea, just as its name implies, eagerly awaits your arrival. The rooms seem to expand out into the sea; its aura awakens the senses and soothes the eyes.

Aigialia - Rooms on the Lapping Waves - Room View
The Aigialia first opened to guests in 2009 and anticipates your arrival. Nick and Popi, who built it with impeccable taste, are there, at your side, to remind you that the seaside roads of the Archipelago have always been hospitable to its travellers.

Aigialia - Rooms on the Lapping Waves - Room Interior
Room amenities at the Aigialia include: air-conditioning, Wi-Fi internet service, microwave oven, kettle, coffee-maker, cooking element, hair dryer, electronic safe, direct-dial telephone. All rooms have balconies and windows next to the lapping waves.

Aigialia: The ancient word for beach, as referenced on a Mycenae tablet of the Mycenaean Linear B Script found near Thebes 3300 years ago.

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